The biggest mistake made by most human beings is listening to only half, understanding just a quarter and telling double.

  1. Giles Corey Press

    subcultural press lots of good reading material

  2. Sentenc.es - A Disciplined Way To Deal With Email
  3. Joel Stein: The Year of Not Trying Too Hard
  4. Disney And Oil Industry Team Up For 'Rocking In Ohio' Event

    American evil

  5. Mayor Eric Garcetti: Bring Cycletracks to LA

    takes like two seconds to sign it.

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  7. http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2013/12/15/conservatives-new-enemy-bikes/NoLMjnocHg28jZ4hw3F4oI/story.html

    "They have begun to deploy “the bike” as a bogeyman in political debates—cast in a role anywhere from physical annoyance to a genuine threat to the American way of life."

  8. Twitter / YassinMY: #NotYourNarrative "if you dont ...
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  10. http://history1970s.tumblr.com/post/70235896643


    *female ex-disney star has nudes leaked*: “ugh what a slut, terrible role model, she’s an idiot, lol disney girls go off the rails”

    *male ex-disney star has nudes leaked*: “haha what a dude, can’t believe that bitch leaked them what a betrayal of trust, he’s handling this…

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